How long will it take to get my order?

Piñatas are handmade in Southern California upon order and take between 1-2 weeks to process. Rush Orders may be available if my schedule permits so feel free to contact me if your interested.

Will you add pull ribbons to my piñata?

Every piñata is a traditional hit piñata, unless otherwise specified. I will gladly add up to 18 coordinating pull ribbons on any piñata upon request. Please understand that each individual ribbon is placed by hand so if you require more than 20 ribbons there will be an additional charge of $5.

What is a pull ribbon pinata?

Pull ribbon pinatas are not meant to be hit. With this style, we cut a trap door to the base of the pinata that drops when the attached ribbon is pulled. Pull ribbon pinatas are ideal for younger children or for use in venues that don’t allow hit pinatas.

Can I pick up the pinata to save on shipping?

Sorry, Whack is not a retail store just a small private workshop. Due to my busy work/family schedule, we do not accommodate local pick up.

Do you offer wholesale rates?

Sorry, due to the amount of time it takes to make our products and the high shipping rates we do not offer wholesale rates.